About Us

Vision - To be the driving force for business success globally

Kwikfynd was established with the intent of providing revolutionary affordable online lead generation solutions for businesses, while concentrating on creating one of the worlds most advanced B2B networking systems.

After engaging in individual website and SEO / SEM projects for general businesses it was quickly decided that there needed to be a paradigm shift in the way Kwikfynd was to be understood by the overall business community.

At this point Kwikfynd shifted its focus on creating a complete turn key solution to businesses. While in this phase of our operation we still continued to develop the single solution until the end of 2010.

In early 2011 the first prototype version of "Kwikfynd" was launched in the areas of fencing, serviced offices and self storage. This early test case proved very successful in obtaining page one Google rankings on all targeted areas across multiple sites.

This early success enabled Kwikfynd to obtain private investment to continue to develop the system so it could be fully automated and become ready for a global commercial roll out.

With over 100,000 live website and thousands of visits the Kwikfynd system is now seen as a revolution in online marketing, lead generation and website development.