With one of our founding directors having built and developed a franchise structure we understand well the challenges and responsibilities resting with the franchisor. As a franchisor you would well know that one of the keys to a successful business is a steady stream of customers. For many franchisees this is one of the main components they are looking for. Whilst they may be able to run your business systems very few franchisees have expertise in marketing and therefore turn to the franchisor to solve this problem.

What Kwikfynd have developed is perfectly matched to franchise structures. It has the ability to provide individual franchise territories with incredible regional online exposure. Kwikfynd also offers the flexibility to either manage the leads centrally or provide them directly to your franchisees.

The unique and exclusive content management system enables you to give control to franchisees to manage their own site or you can easily customise each region from head office to suit the specific location.

How would you like your franchisees to dominate online search results in their local region securing the future success of consistent customer enquiries.

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