Case Studies

  • 3D Equipment - Healthcare, Materials Handling, Hospitality, Safety & Cleaning Equipment

    I would like to take the time to let you know just how thrilled and excited we are with you and your teams work. Right from the start your blunt honesty was what seemed to set you apart from the rest

    After years of banging my head against the wall with companies working on keywords and SEO strategies that literally worked one day but not the next based on changes made by Google. We had a very ordinary website and no long term web based strategy in place.

    You originally told me to work with you and that I must be prepared for for a journey and that if I was going to pull out half way through the project without giving time for your implementations to take effect then we should not even bother starting as it would be a complete waste of time and money.

    To this day, everything you have said has come true. Yes we have invested money and allowed time but the results are beyond anything I could ever have imagined. You have completely changed the direction of my business and have opened up countless new possibilities for us.

    I would strongly advise anyone that is thinking about doing business with you, to stop procrastinating, get out their cheque book and sign up straight away! I would also suggest that they do exactly as you ask of them and to remember that they are experts in their business just like you are in yours. Have faith, be patient and wait for the results.

  • Aliglass Solutions - Enclosures, Glass, Fencing, Ballustrades

    I have been dealing with Tony Bulic and Kwikfynd for over 12 months in relation to SEO and marketing of my fencing and balustrading company.

    In that time the Kwikfynd business has proven its worth by providing us with the promise of leads to follow up on and ensuring through keywords, Aliglass with Kwikfynd, appear at the top of search results in Google.

    I personally believe that the Kwikfynd model is a great marketing tool and would not hesitate in referring Tony and his team to any business trying to market their business with the idea of generating sales leads.

  • Brandheart - Brand Coaching. Personal Branding. Mastermind Mentor. Keynote Speaker.

    The Kwikfynd guys have taken my site from nowhere to page 1 globally in several of my key words/phrases in just a few weeks.

    I have had many others promise that and only Kwikfynd has delivered making them vastly superior to those that present themselves as No1 in SEO yet are all talk and no substance.

  • Trimlite - Fencing, Balustrades, Railings, Glass Railings, Privacy Screens, Louvres, Slats and Seating

    "We previously used multiple marketing methods including Yellow Pages, Pay per click, radio and newspapers. Over the last 2 years we have eliminated all of these in place of Kwikfynd and could not be happier.”

    "The power of this marketing system amazes us. The work keeps coming in. Last week we received the contract for the 1st stage of a $1.5m project. Thanks Kwikfynd.”

  • Westcorp - Serviced Apartments, Serviced Offices, Serviced Tourist Accommodation

    From 1998 until 2013 when we closed the business down for personal reasons, Westcorp Apartments provided furnished and serviced accommodation for the tourist, relocation and corporate sector, firstly in the Parramatta/Westmead area and later in the Hills District.

    These two companies successfully competed in the market place for many years, relying firstly on newspaper advertising, "Pay for Click" internet advertising, real estate agent recommendations, word of mouth and repeat business. In later years, particularly during the GFC, we required a greater web presence and this is wh ere we connected with Tony Bulic and Zodiac Consulting - now trading as Kwikfynd.

    We met Tony in 2008 when he was one of our customers, firstly as a tenant in our offices and later as a Virtual client until early 2010. During one of our many candid discussions I mentioned to Tony our total frustration and disappointment in the cost and outcome of several SEO companies we had employed over the years. Tony indicated that he did things differently and after a presentation of his vision for our future, we entered into an agreement from which we never looked back or at another supplier for SEO.

    Almost from day one, our market position on the internet moved upwards to the point wh ere we finally achieved and maintained number one position in the organic listings within a few short months. During this time, our Business Centre occupancy improved from 65% in 2008/2009 during the middle of the GFC to 97% by early 2010, an occupancy which we were able to maintain until the sale of the Centre in February 2011. The Apartment business also showed an increase in occupancy enabling us to achieve and maintain a level exceeding 92% pa every year from 2009 until 2013. So successful was the strategy that we discontinued all of our "pay for click" advertising and unlisted ourselves from Yellow Pages, both the printed version and internet.

    We relied solely and completely on Kwikfynd.